Welcome to IACCA

The International Academy of Chinese Culinary Arts is the worlds leading professional body that sets the standards for Authentic Chinese Cuisine. It offers training, qualifications and other support to those who work or want to work in Chinese Culinary Arts, as well as services and support networks for the hundreds of thousands of people who own or manage Chinese Food or hospitality businesses. 

Through this work, the Academy leads the way in developing strong community ties and groups that can mutually support each other. 

The Academy also promotes the idea of healthy and authentically prepared chinese foods to the public through delivery of foods and national campaigns

Our Missions


IACCA has developed the Western Worlds first showcase centre to highlight Authentic Chinese Cuisine to the UK community. We have also developed food to be delivered to homes.

Read about our work with Lu Ban Restaurant and Lu Ban Kitchen


IACCA has developed a range of programmes and qualifications to national and international standards that are able to help every existing chef to master Chinese culinary skills of their choice, and to help the inspired amateurs to embark on a journey of building their expertise in Chinese Culinary Arts.

Read about our programmes, qualifications and skills development.


IACCA has hand-picked a highly skilled group of experts who can help the Chinese food related businesses all around the world to develop skills and business operations that needed for sustainable growth.

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IACCA has established the Lu Ban Foundation that exists to bring the Chinese food related communities together by financially support the education and development of Chinese culinary arts. In addition, IACCA has been developing a membership programme to support individual practitioners and businesses in the industry to meet the standards.

Read more about our community work here