Major Partners


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IACCA’s Awarding Body, a recognised UK awarding organisation regulated in England by Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual)


University Partners (via Qualifi):

  1. University of Derby
  2. Anglia Ruskin University

Tianjin Economics and Trade School


Tianjin School of Cuisine

Tianjin School of Cuisine (also known as the Tianjin No.2 School of Commerce) is the oldest secondary vocational and technical school specialised in Chinese culinary arts in Tianjin with over 50 years of history. In 2018, it was officially merged with the Tianjin Economics and Trade School.

It is IACCA’s strategic partner in developing and maintaining the technical standards of Chinese Culinary Arts all around the world.






Tianjin Cuisine Association


Tianjin Cuisine Association

Tianjin Cuisine Association is a Tianjin Municipal government recognised voluntary trade association of businesses and practitioners in food related industries. It has more than 400,000 members.







Lu Ban Workshop


Lu Ban Workshop

The Lu Ban Workshop project was launched by the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission in 2015 aiming to share Chinese technical and vocational techniques and skills with the world. The project was named after the Greatest Craftsman in Chinese history, Lu Ban, an inventor, carpenter, and engineer who demonstrated strong expertise, creativity, relentless pursue of excellence, inspiring generations of artisans to follow.

Lu Ban Workshop project was introduced to the UK in 2017 by PAM Education with the mission to enable education and training in authentic award winning Chinese culinary skills in the UK, to improve the quality of Chinese food and its preparation worldwide, to promote Chinese food culture, and to create high-end brands of Chinese cuisine. In addition, we hope to build a network across food industry to allow better cooperation between the business sector and the vocational education sector both in China and in the UK.