Founded in 2019, The International Academy of Chinese Culinary Arts provides expertise and insight on good practice, education, and development issues within the Chinese food related industry in the UK. Its International Chefs Academy offers International Programmes, Professional Programmes, and Certificate Courses aiming to develop intellectual and professional competencies of our learners to meet the industry's demand for a new generation of chefs with multi-culinary and management skills, as well as professional mindset and work attitude.

IACCA also provides bespoke professional consultancy services to businesses and educational resources to training providers, who are wishing to deliver professional chefs’ or hospitality management programmes within Chinese Culinary Arts.


IACCA Learning Philosophy

At IACCA, we believe that your ability and capacity to understand yourself, to analyse the environment you are in, to quickly look for directions and set targets, to take timely actions to achieve the targets, are the key to transform your potential to performance.

We also believe that your road to success requires support and guidance from the start to the end of your journey.

IACCA staff are trained, to help mentor you to develop the four key life skills required for success alongside the technical skills and knowledge required for any programme.

They will help you develop an understanding of your personality as an individual. It is important that you become aware of your personal traits and assess how these can help or hinder your progress, as an individual, as part of a team and then to support and manage others.

Today’s world is uncertain, with many issues out of our direct control. Our mentors will help you to build the resilience, required to take positives from unforeseen circumstances and still move forward to achieve your goals.

Understanding essential financial issues, is a skill, that is crucial to developing careers, which is covered in all our programmes. We also focus on you being able to control impulsive behaviours, which is another life skill that, if left to chance, can cause irreversible damage to your career prospects, whether you are starting your journey or at the very point of success.

By incorporating these four core life skills into our learning programmes, we believe you will become an individual with high performance personal traits, enhanced by an understanding of your capabilities and potential, that will put you ahead of other candidates, either within future study or the work place.

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