The UK is renowned for world-class education via vocational learning and its universities. Qualifications are recognised and respected worldwide by future employers and your potential university of choice.

IACCA programmes of study are centred upon the world first UK regulated qualifications in Chinese Culinary Arts.  The qualifications have been developed based on the technical standard of Chinese culinary skills written by the Tianjin Economics and Trade School (Tianjin No.2 School of Commerce) with the support of:


Tianjin Municipal Education Commission

Tianjin Food Group

Chinese Cuisine Association

Tianjin Cuisine Association

UK academics

UK hospitality industry experts

Selected UK teaching experts


After obtained a qualification at IACCA, learners have the choice to be selected onto the next level of qualification and continue your studies following the vocational route. Alternatively, with the many credentials that IACCA offers, you may decide to gain employment in Liverpool or the United Kingdom or even Europe or USA, we have many links with employers in Liverpool, the North West of England and the rest of the country.

The third option is to continue your study with an IACCA chosen university partner at the appropriate level as described in the diagram below.

The International Academy of Chinese Culinary Arts Vocational Programme Progression Routes to support developing a career in Hospitality, Catering, and Tourism


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  1. University progression routes will be available with our chosen university partners (via Qualifi) in related subject areas.
  2. IACCA currently can deliver programmes up to Level 5.
  3. On successful completion on either the level 3, 4 or 5 IACCA Diploma you will be given entry access into a wide range of UK and International Universities to study a wide range of Hospitality or Food related degree programmes.
  4. We have a range of affiliated universities within the UK that also guarantee entry onto the vocational Advanced Diploma programmes at levels 6 and 7. These Advanced Diplomas can be converted into a UK University Masters programme.
  5. Finally at level 8 following the vocational Advanced Diploma route with the addition of a thesis, this can be converted into a UK Doctorate programme.