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State of Art Training Facilities

Lu Ban restaurant is a fully operational restaurant designed for drinking and dining, conference, meeting, and events. Each room has also been designed for learning and education. If your are not on visits to restaurant, hotels, bars, suppliers or city’s you will be studying and learning at Lu Ban.

The Main Kitchen

Lu Ban restaurant kitchen was designed first  to provide outstanding food for its guests who eat, meet and learn at Lu Ban. Following several visits to China the kitchen was designed, it has been influenced by the kitchens visited in China blended with Western requirements and space to learn via practical activity and demonstrations.

As part of your course you will spend time in the kitchen, this may include working alongside the full time chefs who run the restaurant, your nominated chef tutor or sat at the chefs table watching a demonstration or leaving about how a UK kitchen operates.

The Test Kitchen

To ensure you have time to practise your preparation skills and to observe Western techniques, Lu Ba restaurant has a dedicated kitchen for such activity. With a table to seat 12 students and cooking range, the test kitchen is where you will watch paratactical demonstrations and enjoy tastings.

The Board Room

Used by the senior academics and chefs this room  is  also be used as part of your studies, you will be invited to meet employers, discuss your course with your nominated learning support person, dine and enjoy tastings as well as listen to  theory session and industry talks.

This room will be used for your work placement interviews, you will met chefs and managers from the city and for those wish to study higher level  courses at a Liverpool or UK university, your applications and interviews may  take place in the board room.

Wine Room

Located in the main restaurant is the wine room and wine cellar, the room is designed for 12 students and restaurant guests who require a private dining experience, included within the room is an interactive TV and  audio system to enhance the learning environment.

Located at the end of the wine is the cellar containing wines from around the world.

If your studying our English language program or a cookery program you will experience Champagne, wine and beer tastings in the wine room, along with  key note speakers who will provide fascinating insights into the hospitality industry in the UK and Europe.

This room is also used for cookery theory and English lesson I the early parts of  the week and selected evenings

The Lu Ban Restaurant Bar and Reception

The Lu Ban restaurant has a dedicated bar, lounge and reception, this is where you will learn about drinks and cocktail service.

If you are studying the English course and cookery course or just the cookery course you will be working and learning in the bar and reception, this is where you will practise your speaking and listening skills with fellow students  and restaurant guests.


English Language Learning and Teaching Rooms

Studying English with IACCA is an interactive experience, your classroom is the United Kingdom, you will be earning in the rooms at Lu Ban, but you will also learn written and spoken English in every venue you visit, this may in a bar, at a Royal residence, in a taxi, during a tasting, as apart of work experience or on visit to universities and possible full time work venues.