Academy Life

Supportive Learning

Well-structured pastoral care which includes a personal programme parent that focuses on Chinese students exclusively. The personal programme parent will be available 24/7 to ensure all aspects of student life in the UK is supported.

With no more than 20 students per group we focus on a friendly, family approach

This programme offers the opportunity to travel within the UK.

Excellent opportunity for work experience, both in our training kitchen and within local hospitality businesses across Liverpool. Allowing each learner, the opportunity to develop their practical skills, whilst developing their English skills and embracing the local culture of the City. Each student will also have a professional study mentor to guide them through their studies and to ensure that each student receives the very best academic and work place learning experience.

With a strong focus on employability completing the course will ensure you are ready for work, university or further study. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in supporting students and creating a high class yet supportive learning environment for all our learners.

Student Welfare


It is our first priority to ensure all our students are safe, happy and comfortable while with us at the LU Ban Academy of Culinary Art

Our teachers, staff and workplace providers are welcoming, caring and friendly. We will always help with questions, concerns and problems you may have.

You will meet our Academic team and programme support team on your first day at the Academy.

Our academic team will ensure your learning needs are met throughout your course. Our programme team will ensure your emotional, medical and environmental needs are also met. They provide support and guidance throughout your time with us in Liverpool.

All students have a compulsory meeting once a week with a member of staff from the support programme team to ensure they are safe, happy and well. All students have the option to discuss any issues no matter how minor, with a member of the programme support team, this service is available throughout the learning day with additional support also available 24/7 to answer any of your questions or help resolve any problems you may have.

Our Academy and accommodation  rules are very clear and are carefully designed to ensure the safety and comfort of all our students. Each student is given a copy of the rules on the first day, this forms part of a contract of agreement. Each student also will also be given a student hand book which clearly outlines the student code of conduct, which details the school rules and the behaviour we expect of all our students during and outside academy hours. If the code is not followed you may be asked to leave the academy.

Your first day and induction handbook will provide you with lots of useful information about student life in  Liverpool. This will include safety tips, what you do if you get ill, how to register at a doctors and with the police if you need to to.

Student Handbook


IACCA is focused on delivering solutions to meet the urgent needs of the Culinary Arts Industry globally. We are meeting head on the issues that the shortage of skilled Chefs is creating on a world-wide basis.

Our headline International Chefs Academy programme offers Chef Students and qualified Chefs a 34-week period of study - the curriculum includes:

Emersion of the English Language supporting future employment worldwide

Chinese Culinary Arts skills development

Experience the culture of the United Kingdom

Ready for Work programme

Work Placements as part of the programme ensure candidates are work ready

Study in the heartbeat of England at the Lu Ban Culinary Academy in Liverpool and benefit from outstanding teaching, international internships and excellent industry contracts.  Home of the Beatles, the birthplace of football and the gateway to the Lake District and Beatrix Potter and Scotland. Liverpool’s China Town is the oldest Chinese community in Europe. This environment offers you the unique chance to experience the Great in Great Britain.

Based in the heart of the Liverpool China town we offer culinary arts programmes at levels 2, 3 and 4.  The combination of quality academic teaching, English language development and living in Liverpool in a City of Culture.  This programme is housed in the historic building of the original Caines brewery and our focus is ‘learning by doing and living’.

Useful Information


While you are at the Academy you may need a letter for the bank, council tax, police, embassy etc. Please ask at the Student support programme manager for a letter request form. Your letter will be ready the next day.

How to open a bank account

If you’re staying in Liverpool for a long time you might need to open a UK bank account.

To open a bank account, you will need:

·         Your passport

·         A letter from the Academy (please ask for a letter form the student support Programme manager)

·         A document to confirm your UK address (this could be a utility bill or an accommodation contract) Which will be provided by the academy.

·         You may also need to bring evidence of your address and bank account in your home country.

Some UK banks now offer special accounts for international students so you may be able to set up a bank account before you arrive in Liverpool. You should check with your home bank to find out about any charges that there might be to transfer money into your UK account.

For more information about opening a UK bank account, search: ‘BBA international students’ or ‘FCA opening a bank’

There are some digital accounts that you can look into. Loot is a digital current account which offers a Mastercard and online banking:

Registering with the Police

If you have a Tier 4 Visa or a Short-Term Student Visitor Visa you will also need to register with the police for a Biometric Residence Permit. In order to register with the police, you will need to make an appointment. You can do this online, search: ‘Search Merseyside Police Overseas Visitor registration’

It will cost £34 to register with the police and you will also need a letter from the Academy and two passport sized photographs for your application. If you don’t register with the police it might affect any visa applications you make in the future, so it is very important that you register within 7 days of arriving in the UK.

Extending Your Visa
If you needed a visa to enter the UK then you need to be aware of when your visa runs out. If you want to extend your course, then you might need to extend or change your visa. You will need to do this at least four weeks before your current visa runs out. If you need further visa advice and guidance, visit

Please be aware that you may have to return to your home country to renew or extend your visa.

Getting in touch with your family and friends

It is normal to miss your home country and family. Sometimes a phone call to your home can really help you feel better. There are a few different ways you can keep in touch with your family. We recommend some of the options below.

·         Three UK– You can get a pay-as-you-go SIM card from Three for around £20 per month with 12GB of data. The data option on this SIM card is great but it is expensive to make international telephone calls. This is a good option if you want to use something like iMessage, WhatsApp, WeeChat or Skype for your messages.

·         Giff Gaff– You can get a pay-as-you-go SIM card from Giff Gaff for around £20 per month with unlimited data. Giff Gaff is the cheapest option for international calls but the signal is not great outside of Liverpool city centre. This is a good option if you are in the city centre and want to make a lot of calls back home and have a good wi-fi connection for your messages.

·         Lebara– You can get a pay-as-you-go SIM card from Lebara for around £20 per month with 10GB of data with unlimited UK minutes for telephone calls.  Like Giff Gaff, a Lebara SIM card is a cheap option for international calls but the signal is not great outside of Liverpool city centre. This is a good option if you are in the city centre and want to make a lot of calls back home and have a good wi-fi connection for your messages.

·         Skype– You can make international telephone calls and video calls using Skype. You will need an internet connection and a credit/debit card to pay for telephone phone calls. If your family in your home country has an internet connection, you can make video calls through Skype for free. However, if they do not have an internet connection, you can call your home phone number using Skype once credit has been put on your account.

Getting Internet Access in Liverpool

You will have internet access in your residence and within the Academy and will be able to use the internet at a number of free Wii fi zones across the city, or at Liverpool Central Library. The Central Library has many computers for public use and is open until 8:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on weekends.

Local Libraries
You can join a library in Liverpool for free! The closest library to the Academy is the Central Library on William Brown Street. To join a library, you will need to bring proof of your address, so you might have to get a letter from the school. If you want to know about libraries close to your accommodation or Academy you can find information here:

Health and Travel Insurance

It is compulsory for all students to have health and travel insurance before leaving their home country. The LU Ban Academy can advice on suitable insurance for students studying in the UK, please contact us fr further information. If students are arranging their own travel insurance, we strongly advice that this is completed and arranged before the departure date from their own country and the academy will have to check all relevant policies and documents on arrival in the UK. For more information please go to :

Travel into the UK

The two closest airports to the school are Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Manchester Airport.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport:

Manchester Airport:

If you are flying into one of these airports there are several options to get from the airport to Liverpool city centre.

Transfer (Available from Liverpool and Manchester airports)

This is a simple and easy option for students new to Liverpool. If you book your transfer through us the driver will meet you at the airport and be holding a sign for The Liverpool LU Ban Academy. They will take you directly to your residence . You can book this service through your agent or on your registration form.

Taxi (Available from Liverpool and Manchester airports)

Taxis from both airports are easily available. Prices vary depending on the time of day, location and taxi firm.

Liverpool Airport – accommodation: Approximately £15 – £35

Manchester Airport – accommodation: Approximately £40 – £60

Bus (Available from Liverpool airport)

The Airport 500 bus from Liverpool Airport to Liverpool city centre runs often and the costs about £3-4.

Train (Available from Manchester airport)

There are regular trains that take 50-90 minutes. For timetables and ticket costs please look up further information from the National Rail website. You should search for a train from Manchester Airport to Liverpool Lime Street station.

Coach (Available from Manchester airport)

You can also take a National Express coach to Liverpool City Centre. There is a coach directly from Manchester Airport and you can also find European connections and services from other UK airports. When looking for a coach from Manchester Airport make sure to use the word ‘airport’ so that you bring up the correct search.

Flying into the South of England and Travelling to Liverpool

The major airports in the South of England are Heathrow and Gatwick. Low-cost airlines fly into Stansted.

You can either take a domestic flight from the airport to Liverpool or you can travel on the London Underground to London Euston train station. From there you can get a train to Liverpool Lime Street in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

For information on how to save money on trains to Liverpool, you can also visit this website:

Christmas Holidays: Close on 24th December 2020 and re-open on 6th January 2021

Good Friday: 10th April 2020

Easter Monday: 13th April 2020

Early May Bank Holiday: 8th May 2020

Spring Bank Holiday: 25th May 2020

Summer Bank Holiday: 31st August 2020



Residential accommodation is a good option if you want to live independently in the city centre. Our dedicated Accommodation Team work closely with our residence providers to make sure the information we give you about each residence is clear and your accommodation is comfortable, well managed and secure.

We work with several external accommodation providers within the city. The residences we offer are owned and managed by external companies. All companies work closely with the academy and regular feedback from our students is passed on to them in order to improve your experience. However, the academy does not manage the residence.

What to expect

In a flat you will share a kitchen and lounge area with other international students
Every bedroom is furnished with a bed, shelves, a desk and a wardrobe
Bedding and towels are provided
En-suite bathroom
Free Wi-Fi
TV in common areas
Laundry facilities
Central heating
An emergency line is manned 24 hours a day by staff

Meals Choosing to stay in a residence gives you the freedom to plan your own free time and meals. All of our residences are self-catered so you can choose what, when and where you would like to eat. The kitchens are equipped with basic cooking utensils so whether you want to cook some great dishes from your home country, try cooking some British specialities or cook for your friends you can do so. There is also the option to eat out and try some of the fantastic restaurants that Liverpool has to offer.

Your safety and wellbeing We know that feeling safe, comfortable and happy in your accommodation is most important. We work closely with our residence providers to make sure you have everything you need. Residences are great for meeting new people and practising your English with people from different countries.

Price From £150 per week

Extra Fees:

Accommodation Booking Fee: £60
Extra Night: £30 (to arrive on Saturday or depart on Sunday [maximum of 2 nights])
Late Check-In Fee: £50 (for students arriving between 23:00 and 7:00)
Refundable Damage Deposit: £50 (en-suite residence) £100 (studio per person) (Refundable within 14 days after departure subject to satisfactory check-out procedures)

A residential  contract will be supplied to each student, this includes the school rules and regulations for students staying in a residence. This must be signed on the first day of school.


The Arch – Year round (Single ensuite only)

Horizon Heights – Year round (Single ensuite only)

The Lantern – Year round (Single ensuite only)

Hope Street Apartments – Year round (Studios only)