Authentic Chinese Vegetarian

The Elite Chefs Programme modules are designed to ensures that you are completely competent to produce the dishes at a high standard and suitable for using within menu development or quality entertaining. The elite chefs programme offers the very highest level by teaching by highly skilled chefs that also have a teaching and learning background.

Course Title
Authentic Chinese Vegetarian

Modular of the Elite Chefs Programme in Chinese Culinary Arts

Study Options
Part time (3 days)
Inc. 2 days practical and 1-day online study.
Course Level
Level 3 /Module 6

Level 3 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Arts (603/3164/1)
Modular in Chinese Meat and Poultry

IACCA at LBR, Liverpool

Start Date
Start Dates available throughout the year


This International Elite Chefs programme has been designed for students who are interested in developing their skills and knowledge within the discipline of traditional Chinese Culinary Arts. 

The content is tailored for those who have a keen interest in authentic Chinese cuisine or for those who study or work within the hospitality sector.

The modular is one of eight modules that make up the Elite Chef’s programme in Chinese Culinary Arts.


This is a UK registered qualification, the only UK registered Chinese culinary programme.


Additional Modules within the programme are:


Chinese Meat and Poultry

Chinese Fish and Shellfish

Chinese Dumplings, Noodles and flat breads

Chinese Dough modelling

Chinese Western influenced desserts

Chinese Soups

Understanding Chinese ingredients and equipment 


The 2 days practical course is supported by an additional one-day online learning programme with tutorial support.

The course will be delivered at the Lu Ban Restaurant and Training Centre in Liverpool.


As well as developing culinary skills within the module you will develop an understanding of the ingredients and techniques used to produce authentic Chinese dishes.

2 full day practical sessions:  10am until 4:30pm


The course enables the learner to produce a selection of authentic dishes that are typical of traditional Chinese cuisines.


Four dishes per day are demonstrated and then cooked by the students. 2 dishes in the morning and 2 dishes in the afternoon, a total of eight dishes throughout the two days of the practical sessions.



This is followed by seven hours of flexible online learning completed by the student.

The module is assessed by an online test once all the online learning as been completed.


Examples of dishes within the Module:


Five Flavoured cucumber strips

Curry flavoured sweet Pao

Liuli Walnut

Wok Ta tofu

Ma Po Tofu

Stir – Fried lily bulb and celery

Spinach with ginger dressing