IACCA offers qualifications that can be delivered by FE establishments, supported by our excellent blended learning platform.


IACCA has developed a programme of blended learning that helps learners get themselves ready for the world of learning and work.


We offer a range of Chinese Culinary Arts courses that can build upon or extend what you offer students and businesses.

The IACCA Qualifications

International Chinese Culinary Arts:

Level 3

Including English for Culinary Management  and our Ready for Work programme

Our flagship course focussed upon helping students develop skills that will help their careers in Chinese Culinary Arts

Chinese Culinary Arts work-based scholars:

Level 2 and Level 3

Including our Ready for Work programme

Our professional development course for those who wish to follow a more work-based training approach.

Elite Chinese Culinary Arts:

Level 3 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Art (Lu Ban)

An Elite programme that develops strong capability for students wishing to build a career in Chinese Culinary Arts

Advanced Chinese Culinary Arts:

Level 4 Diploma in CCA Management (Lu Ban)

A leading course beyond Culinary Arts where students can develop management skills as well as more advanced culinary techniques


Ready for Work Programme

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The IACCA Courses

Chinese Food Culture

An Introduction to Chinese Food Culture is designed for anyone that has a genuine interest in authentic Chinese dining.

The full day course has been designed in close partnership with the Master Chefs of Tianjin and the leading commercial Culinary College of Tianjin. The one-day programme briefly looks at eight important areas associated with traditional Chinese food, dining and culture.

Authentic Hand pulled Noodles & Dumplings

A unique seminar staged across two days, in the kitchens and food laboratories of Lu Ban restaurant and cookery school

A great course to install value, takeaway techniques and skills not only to deliver a culinary edge, but also to appreciate and receive insight into supportive Chinese culture. The spotlight will be on dishes suitable for dining and items that can be sold through restaurant and retail operations.

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