Frequently Asked Questions


When does the course commence after I’ve arrived in Liverpool?

The course will commence immediately,

Will I be expected to communicate in English

Yes a key part of the course is to improve English, once in the UK the team will communicate with you in English.


Will have access to a Chinese speaking person if required?

Yes team some members are fluent in Chinese, in the case of an emergency or for detail advice such as banking or medical reasons


Will I get days off from my studies

Your studies, work experience and days off will all be shared with you when you arrive, we will encourage to  join certain activities we have planned for you on your days off , this may including city tours, shopping, nights out and museum and others you will be left to make your own plans


Will you supply my uniform to work in the kitchen?

Your uniform and knives will be sponsored via the Lu Ban scholarship program, this will be issued to you on your arrival, you will have provided sizes in advance


Will I have to bring any uniform for my work experience activity?

Yes you will need to bring, black trousers or skirt and a white short or blouse along with sturdy black shoes to work in

What do I wear for my time in the restaurants teaching rooms ?

We expect you to be smart and presentable at all times and at the same time comfortable, jeans and t-shirt or a shirt is acceptable for your studies


Do I need to bring a suite or smart dress or traditional dress

Yes for trips and visits to hotels and restaurants you will be expected to present yourself as it you were attending an interview?

Will I have access to washing facilities for my clothes

 Yes within your accommodation


What do things cost in Liverpool?

A pint of beer is between £3:50- £5:00

A cocktail is on average £8:00

You can buy a 3 course meal in a restaurant for £25:00

A burger in a branded restaurant is priced between 99p-£4:50

A taxi journey in Liverpool  of about 3 miles is approximately £3:50

A train ride to London is between £80-£100

A ticket for a football match is approximately £50:00


Will I Be able to have my family and friend over to visit me

Yes, however your studies will come first, you will not get days off from study to socialize with family and friends, we will ensure any visitors you have are able to see you at your work placement and we would welcome many of your family and friends to join you for your graduation


Will I get paid for my work experience

As this part of your studies you will not receive a wage for work experience


What I f I need to return home part way through my studies?

If for any reason you have to return home, this will be at your own cost, we will ensure we provide the  appropriate support to make the necessary arrangements


Where is Liverpool near?

Liverpool is on the west coast of England, it 1-hour drive to Manchester and Manchester United’s football ground and approximately 1 hour from Manchester Airport. London Heathrow is a 4 hour drive or 4 hours on the tube and train.

 North Wales is an hour’s drive and Scotland a 3 hours drive, the Lake District is 1 and half hours’ drive to from Liverpool and Birmingham 2 and a half hours.


Can I get to see other parts of Europe during my time in Liverpool?

Flights to Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam are regular from Liverpool John Lennon airport and vary in price, during your stay and your time off we can assist you with planning a  visit to European cities, this will be at your own cost and unsupervised and subject to any visa travel restriction and government guidance for travelers.


Do I need computer for my studies

You will need a computer, but this will be provided for you and is included in your fees, this is yours to keep


Do I need medical insurance that includes dental cover?

You will be expected to ensure you have the appropriate insurance, purchased in your home country, this should cover personal belonging and medical requirements


What if need specific medication, nearest chemist?

As part of your first week you will have an induction and we will show where to find chemist, general stores, bars, restaurants etc


Recommended Chinese DR and dentist do they speak mandarin?

Yes we can, we work very closely with the Chinese community in Liverpool and they will advise accordingly


What happens if I get really ill and require hospital treatment, would I get an interpreter, who tells the family and when 

In the event of a medical emergency your next of kin would be informed as appropriate and all necessary arrangements will be made, communications with your family will be managed and supported by us


What if I want to go home

We don’t envisage that you will want to go home as Liverpool is a great city to enjoy, howver if you decide you need to go home we will discuss your reasons and support you as you and we see is appropriate, the cost of your return will be paid by you



Where is nearest VISA office

In the event you require the VISA centre, the nearest one to Liverpool is based in Manchester



How close is accommodation to the training restaurant and university?

Your accommodation is located close to the areas of your study and in easy walking dstance to gain access to bars and restaurants



UK bank account required

You will not need to open a UK bank account, if you feel you would like to, we can assist you with your application



Will my phone work in UK or do I need a UK phone

Your phone will work in the UK as will WeChat, however it may be ore cost effective to buy a UK sim for



Will my apps work in UK?

Yes the majority will, not all venues accept WeChat payments though



Can you get tickets to the football game?

Tickets for football matches can be difficult to acquire, but if this is something you would like to do during your stay will do our best to source tickets, the nearest teams are located in Liverpool and Manchester, London clubs will be harder to get


Do I get food whilst training




What if I lose my bank card?

Your possessions will be your responsibility, if you lose or damage any items we can assist you, we are not responsible for the safe keeping of your items



Can my parents or guardian contact the person in charge of the programme?

Yes, this can be done prior to the course and during, contact information will be supplied



What if I am failing my course what happens?

If you attend all of your session and are dedicated to the learning we are confident you will be successful in your studies, if you require additional support this can be discussed during tutorial  sessions

What happens when I graduate?

The end of the course will be your graduation, this will take place in Liverpool and will include the majority of the people who have contributed to your course, you will be able to invite a few family members or friends.


Can I drive in the UK, can I hire a car if yes what’s the process?

Yes, subject to following and understanding  UK law and have the appropriate documents and finances in place

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