Professional Development

Experience the best programmes from one of the worlds leading Chinese Culinary Art Academy.

The International Academy of Chinese Culinary Arts has made it it's mission to deliver the best possible training so that reestaurants and chefs can continue to offer the very best traditional skills.

These courses are all aimed at professional development - either for those wishing to build a new career in Chinese Culinary Arts, or those wishing to develop further in this field.

Chinese Food Culture

An Introduction to Chinese Food Culture is designed for anyone that has a genuine interest in authentic Chinese dining.

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The full day course has been designed in close partnership with the Master Chefs of Tianjin and the leading commercial Culinary College of Tianjin. The one-day programme briefly looks at eight important areas associated with traditional Chinese food, dining and culture.

Authentic Hand pulled Noodles & Dumplings

A unique seminar staged across two days, in the kitchens and food laboratories of Lu Ban restaurant and cookery school

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A great course to install value, takeaway techniques and skills not only to deliver a culinary edge, but also to appreciate and receive insight into supportive Chinese culture. The spotlight will be on dishes suitable for dining and items that can be sold through restaurant and retail operations.

Chinese Vegetarian and Vegan Desserts


This session will use ingredients found on the shelves of a Chinese supermarket, mixed with classic pastry skills to introduce you to new flavour pairing to give your guests something a little different and the perfect end to a healthy flavorful meal that appeals to all tastes.

Liu Cooking Techniques


Liu, is a method of cooking in which pre-cut ingredients in the shape of slices, dices, shreds, or cubes are cooked with a range of other methods first, and then topped or mixed with a variety of sauces. On completion you would have created six dishes and will receive with the recipes a certificate of attendance.

Noodles, Dim Sum and Steamed Buns


Working with a trained chef, this session will provide attendees with the skills and knowledge to create handmade noodles. You will learn the key differences in techniques between Pastries originating from Northern China (Baozi) and Southern China (Dim Sum).

Chinese Appetisers and Snacks


Chinese appetisers popularity has grown in recent years with many chefs blending canapes with Chinese Dim sum. This course will introduce Chefs to the techniques and ingredients required for making paste the and dough to make classic dumplings and dim sum to enhance your repertoire.

Soups of China


Soups are a regular feature on many Chinese menus around the world, we will show the secrets to perfect soup stock. You will create some well-known soups such as hot and sour and wonton soup and some less well-known soups from the Tianjin province

Preparing and Decorating Cold Chinese Dishes


Making a lasting impression can make the difference between success and failure of the dining experience. Vegetable carvings and decorations, authentic old Chinese dishes and how to present them to make an impression. The art of decoration and other skills are covered in this course.

Authentic Chinese Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes


The growth in vegetarian and vegan demand is explored on this one-day course by introducing the learner to a range of nutritious and simple authentic Chinese dishes that are suitable for both vegetarian and vegan customers. We present dishes that are suitable for Chinese fine dining experiences and western menus.

Authentic Chinese Meat Dishes


This course will show you how and give you the opportunity to prepare and cook some traditional dishes and introduce to the versatility of the wok. Dishes will include twice cooked pork, steamed meatballs, red cooked beef, paper wrapped chicken and five spice quails.

Authentic Chinese fish dishes


This course will show you how to prepare and cook some traditional dishes and introduce to the versatility of the wok and the steamer. Dishes will include baked whole fish wrapped in rice, deep fried whole fish, battered shellfish, steaming and wrapping of fish and smoked fish.