Chefs Elite Diploma

This course is designed for students who want to study a professional cookery qualification to develop multi-culinary skills. It is unique in the UK, allowing learners to explore different aspects of Contemporary and Classical Chinese and International Cuisine. With the key enthusiast on developing high level skills within Chinese and European Cooking.

The course has excellent links with industry, and students will get the chance to take part in live projects and competitions, gain work experience, and have the opportunity to visit farms, food manufacturing establishments, high quality restaurants and Hotels, and Food related events across the UK such as the Good Food show. Our graduates are in high demand by industry across the globe or may move onto further study after completed the programme.

Headline Information

Course Title
Elite Chef Level 3 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Arts

Study Options
Full time (26 weeks)
Course Level
Level 3

Level 3 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Arts (603/3164/1)
Allergen Awareness level 3 certificate
Food Hygiene level 2 certificate
Health and Safety in the workplace level 2 certificate
UK work experience certificate issued by City and Guilds of London
Member of the Guild of Chefs on successfully completing the programme.

IACCA at LBR, Liverpool

Start Date

  • By studying this course, you will

    • Develop the skills, knowledge and attributes required for a career within international kitchens.
    • Learn traditional and contemporary cuisine using a range of practical techniques, be taught by some of the best UK chef lecturers and gain valuable insight and experience whilst training in some of the UK best kitchens.
    • Take part in industry competitions with professional bodies such as Chef Guild.
    • Visit trade shows such as Hotel and Catering exhibition and the Good food Show.
    • Exhibit your work at our end of year gala dinner and graduation at the Lu Ban restaurant Liverpool.


    Core Modules


    • Preparing and Making of Advanced Hot Chinese Dishes

    In this unit, learners will be introduced to a range of different advanced dishes and methods used in Chinese cooking. There is an emphasis on selecting quality produce and how to prepare advanced hot Chinese dishes, including the selection of the correct ingredients and using specific knife skills exemplified by characteristics of Tianjin cuisine. Alongside embedding an understanding of a large range of preparation, par-cooking and plating techniques.


    • Preparing and Decorating Cold Chinese Dishes

    Learners will be introduced to a variety of cooking skills different types of mixing needed to decorate cold Chinese dishes professionally, how to prepare and decorate advanced cold Chinese dishes, including the selection of the correct ingredients and using specific knife skills


    • Advanced Chinese Noodle and Dumplings

    Learners will be introduced to a range of different advanced dishes and methods used in Chinese cooking. This will include dumplings and Baozi, including the selection of the correct ingredients and using specific cutting, pulling, shaping, and crimping.


    • Understanding the Chinese Food Culture

    The unit will further explore the food customs of China. Also look at dining etiquette and the history of Chinese foods


    • Dough Modelling

    Learners will be introduced to a range of different advanced techniques for producing dough models.


    • Advanced Western influenced and Chinese desserts

    How to prepare advanced Chinese desserts, including the selection of the correct ingredients and using specific filling, blending, finishing, and decorating methods.

    You will also look at modern trends in international desserts and how these trends are influencing modern day Chinese dinning


    • Allergen Awareness

    Detailed study into what foods cause allergic reactions in people and how to help ensure, as chefs, we minimise the risk of causing an allergic reaction in the foods we serve to our customers.


    • Food Hygiene training

    To comply with international professional guidelines, the food hygiene training level 2 ensures that all the student on the Elite professional chef’s programme follow a strict hygiene code of practice whilst working in kitchens. The course looks different bacteria and how it can spread to contaminate food and people. Learners will learn how to minimise the risk of food born bacteria contamination and ensure they have the practical knowledge that can implemented in any kitchen.    


    • Health and Safety training

    The UK has some of the strictest work-based health and safety regulations in the world. The training is designed to ensure that each learner clearly understands what the health and safety guidelines are whilst working within a kitchen and how to practice them daily.


    • UK work experience recognition

    Working closely with City and Guilds of London, each learner will receive a work experience recognition badge and certificate. The City and Guilds global hospitality badge recognition system is recognised as a benchmark of quality for hospitality training.

    • Guest etiquette

    It is very important to understand how guests expect to be treated when dining out or entering a restaurant, hotel or bar, this course will equip you with the skills to understand etiquette and service standard traditions.


    • Introduction to western food preparation, cooking and serving

    This certificate is awarded for attendance at a series of masterclasses presented by UK chef, session will include practical demonstrations, tastings and question and answer sessions with renowned chefs

IACCA culinary arts courses have been designed to be internationally recognised for the quality of its training, the multi-culinary skill development of the students and to produce highly professional and creative, industry-ready graduates.

 Our Elite Chefs Level Diploma in Chinese Culinary Arts course is recommended for students with strong ambition who want solid knowledge in culinary arts with an international perspective.

This programme is suitable if:

  • You wish to be able to work independently in a professional kitchen, in a hotel, restaurant, bar, private household, onboard a cruise ship or international resort
  • You love cooking and always wanted to learn and expand your international culinary knowledge and Skill.
  • You are thinking of reskilling and are considering changing profession.

We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is required.

It is a residential course that will require 100% commitment to all aspects of the course, you will require the following to be considered:

  • A good high school or vocational and technical school leaving certificate
  • A willingness to learn overseas
  • A desire to work in the hospitality sector
  • Aspirations to study in the UK and want to work on the international culinary scene.
  • age 17 or above when you apply

Level 4 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Management or directly into employment in an associated profession.

e to progress on to the final 60 credits of study for a UK Master’s degree e.g. the dissertation for award of an MBA. In this case, there is no need to complete a bachelor’s degree in order to achieve the master’s degree.





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