Professional Chefs Certificate

This course is designed for students who want to study a professional cookery qualification in the UK to develop multi-culinary skills. It is unique in the UK, allowing learners, allowing learners to explore different aspects of Contemporary and Classical Chinese and International Cuisine. With the key enthusiast on developing high level skills within Chinese and European Cooking.

The course has excellent links with industry, and students will get the chance to take part in live projects and competitions, gain work experience, and have the opportunity to visit farms, food manufacturing establishments, high quality restaurants and Hotels, and Food related events across the UK such as the Good Food show. Our graduates are in high demand by industry across the globe or may move onto further study after completed the programme.

Course Title

Professional Chefs Level 2 Certificate in Chinese Culinary Arts

Study Options

Full time (26 weeks)
Course Level
Level 2

Level 2 Certificate in Chinese Culinary Art
Level 2 Food hygiene
Level 1 working in the hospitality industry
Level 2 allergen awareness
Level 1 professional knife skills

IACCA at LBR, Liverpool

Start Date

By studying this course, you will

  • gain a fully immersed learning experience that includes language support, cultural enrichment and an introduction to international culinary techniques and skills.
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and attributes required for a career within international kitchens.
  • Improve your writing skills, speaking skills, reading skills, and listening skills in English.
  • Learn traditional and contemporary cuisine using a range of practical techniques, be taught by some of the best UK chef lecturers and gain valuable insight and experience whilst training in some of the UK best kitchens.
  • Take part in industry competitions with professional bodies such as Chef Guild.
  • Visit trade shows such as Hotel and Catering exhibition and the Good food Show.
  • Exhibit your work at our end of year gala dinner and graduation at the Lu Ban restaurant Liverpool.


Core Modules

  • Chinese food culture

The history of Chinese foods and the relationship the Chinese people have with food is a critical part of Chinese identity, tradition and customs. We explore farming and how a nation of almost 1.4 billion people feed them self’s and have done successfully for thousands of years.

  • Identifying and Classifying Chinese Food Ingredients

Looking closely at the wide range of different ingredients that are unique to Chinese cuisine. Identifying their health properties, the correct methods of storing, preparing and cooking. Finally the skills of blending the ingredients carefully to mast the art of fine Chinese cooking 

  • Understanding the Tianjin food culture

A more detailed look at an important culinary region of china and how this culinary forward-thinking region has developed its food culture in recent years to enable the traditions of Chinese cuisine meet and at times blend with western style cuisines.

  • Introduction to Chinese Kitchen Equipment

We start by identifying the range of specific equipment used in Chinese cooking and compare this with its western equivalent . Demonstrating and skill development on how to correctly use, clean and stay safe when using the equipment.

  • Deep Frying, Shallow Frying and Stir-Frying

Frying is a crucial cooking method within Chinese cuisine, however the complexities of all the different frying methods are often unexplained within western teaching. We help you develop the skills and the understanding of all the different frying methods and the complex differences between them all. 

  • Steaming, Braising, Red-braising and Poaching

Wet methods of cooking involve cooking with steam, water and a wide variety of different liquids. From rapid steaming to 2 day braising. The chemical reactions that take place and the effect cooking with moisture has on the structure of food and its taste.

  • Formation of Noodles, Dumplings and flat breads

The highly competent skill of hand made dumplings and noodles take years to master and are as varied and complicated as any culinary skill across the globe. The unit introduces to some fundamental skills to being the lifelong journey of understanding the array of different noodles and dumplings that are within Chinese cuisine.

  • Western influenced and Chinese desserts

We look at traditional Chinese desserts that are consumed by their millions on a daily basis across china and the world. We also look at what is influencing Chinese cuisine at the moment and demonstrate some desserts that have a Chinese twist and a western style but would sit well in any international kitchen across the world.

Compulsory Trainings

  • Certificated Food level 2 hygiene

Introduce you to working hygienically in a professional, hotel, restaurant, or bar


  • Level 1 working in the hospitality industry

Created exclusively for Lu Ban this qualification will help you with job seeking skills for working in the UK


  • Allergen awareness level 2 certificated training

A one-day course to enable you to identify ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction to guests dining in a restaurant, hotel, café, cruise ship or take away


  • Level 1 Knife Skills certificated course

Ensuring the correct and safe use of knives within a professional kitchen, knife selection, cleaning, storage and how to correctly maintain and sharpen your knives.

IACCA culinary arts courses have been designed to be internationally recognised for the quality of its training, the multi-culinary skill development of the students and to produce highly professional and creative, industry-ready graduates.

Our Professional chefs programme is recommended for students with a strong ambition to become chefs and who want a solid knowledge base within Chinese culinary arts, whilst learning the skills required to equipment you to work in any kitchen throughout the world.

This programme is suitable if:

  • You wish to enter a career working in a professional kitchen, in a hotel, restaurant, bar, private household, onboard a cruise ship or international resort
  • You love cooking and always wanted to learn ‘and expand your international culinary knowledge and Skill.
  • You are thinking of reskilling and are considering changing profession.

We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is required.

You will need to have:

  • A desire to work in the hospitality sector
  • age 17 or above when you apply
  • Be prepared to committee fully to the 26-week programme
  • Acceptance onto the programme is dependant on interview and willingness to learn rather than academic achievement

Level 4 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Management or directly into employment in an associated profession