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Chinese Food Culture


One Day Course


Academy Centre @ Lu Ban Liverpool
(or at a location of your choosing)


You will need sensible shoes, and a desire to learn about Chinese Food Culture


£120 for the day
£150 including a delicious lunch


An Introduction to Chinese Food Culture is designed for anyone that has a genuine interest in authentic Chinese dinning The full day course has been designed in close partnership with the Master Chefs of Tianjin and the leading commercial Culinary College of Tianjin. The one-day programme briefly looks at eight important areas assorted with traditional Chinese food and dinning, exploring the culture that lie behind authentic Chinese Dinning.

Delivered by the UK based IACCA educational team that have all been working alongside the Master Chefs and Culinary College in Tianjin for the last year to develop a series of both short and full-time certificated courses for the UK market.

The introduction to Chinese Food Culture can be taken alone has a free standing course and awarded by PAM education or has a pathway course to the fully certificated level three Chinese food Culture Unit and then if you so wish, onto the fully registered level 3 diploma in Chinese Culinary Arts, awarded by Qualfi. The first and only level three Chinese Culinary Arts programme that presently sits on the Department of Education UK register of full certificated approved courses.

The day is a combination of student led activities, discussion, practical involvement and presentations, designed to give you an overview and appreciation of Chinese Food culture.

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