Authentic Chinese Meat Dishes


One Day Course


Academy Centre at Lu Ban Liverpool


You will need sensible shoes




“Five animal products” in Chinese is a term to include poultry and livestock as well as their by-products such as dairy and eggs.

From a dietary perspective, this term refers to all types of animal products used for cooking. Traditionally, Chinese people believed animal products were beneficial for human body to grow.

However, they should be eaten in moderation i.e. in an appropriate amount and in ways that meet the needs of the human body to sustain good health. They should also not replace the essential grains to become the principal food in the diet.

This course will show you how and give you the opportunity to prepare and cook some traditional dishes and introduce to the versatility of the wok.

Dishes will include twice cooked pork, steamed meatballs, red cooked beef, paper wrapped chicken and five spice quails.

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