Authentic Chinese Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes


One Day Course


Academy Centre at Lu Ban Liverpool


You will need sensible shoes




The rapid growth in vegetarian and vegan demand is explored on this one-day course by introducing the learner to a range of nutritious and simple authentic Chinese dishes that are suitable for both vegetarian and vegan customers.

Looking closely at balance and combination of flavours and textures, we present dishes that are suitable for Chinese fine dining experiences and western menus.

In a world increasingly driven by sustainability these dishes bring to the modern palate the flavours and health-giving benefits of vegetarian dishes.

The concept of “five vegetables are complementary food for a balanced diet” believed that a certain amount of vegetables complément the nutrition needed for a well-functioning body. It emphasised that, along with the essential food (grains) and the beneficial food (meat), a certain amount of vegetables can enhance people’s immune system to prevent illness.

Chefs will learn why authentic Chinese based Vegan dishes are the footprint that will form the principles for future menu design.

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