Liu Cooking Techniques


One Day Course


Academy Centre at Lu Ban Liverpool


You will need sensible shoes


£112 (+ VAT)


Liu, is a method of cooking in which pre-cut ingredients in the shape of slices, dices, shreds, or cubes are cooked with a range of other methods first, and then topped or mixed with a variety of sauces.

Based on the differences in texture and heat-transfer, there are three types of Liu, namely Jiao Liu (Deep Frying Liu), Hua Liu (Slide-Liu) and Ruan Liu (Soft Stir-frying Liu).

Working with a Lu Ban chef you will learn the skills and techniques associated with Liu including the important balance of meat or fish cooked with a high level of vegetarian ingredients.

The combination of flavours and the importance of specific ingredients in the sauces enable you to provide consistency and add an X factor to the dishes.

On completion you would have created six dishes and will receive with the recipes a certificate of attendance.

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