Noodles, Dim Sum and Steamed Buns


One Day Course


Academy Centre at Lu Ban Liverpool


You will need sensible shoes




Working with a trained chef, this session will provide attendees with the skills and knowledge to create handmade noodles.

The science that defines the type of dough required for the variety of pastry dishes provides a fascinating insight and understanding into the reasons why Chinese pastry remains at the top of the list of diners with a puncheon for Chinese food.

You will learn the key differences in techniques between Pastries originating from Northern China (Baozi) and Southern China (Dim Sum). Which will in turn enable you to add a twist to these classical Chinese dishes and add new ‘most eaten’ dishes to your menu.

The morning session will start with demonstrations of dough making followed by noodle, dim sum and steamed bun making.

Part two of the day will include a practical session when all delegates can make the items demonstrated as part of the morning session.

The combination of flavours and the importance of specific ingredients in the sauces enable you to provide consistency and add an X factor to the dishes.

On completion you would have created six dishes and will receive with the recipes a certificate of attendance.

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